UPDATE: 12/5/13
It's the time! for another update to this old ass game. Lyle in Cube Sector version 1.10 featuring these stuff.

I suppose we'll be needing something here to make Lyle look a bit less ancient so here's some REALLY old stuff: 1994-1995-1996-1997 pt1-1997 pt2. Yes, now Lyle is new and sparkly once again.

Also some Keddums fan art from Watermelon.

UPDATE: 4/10/13
Yes. To celebrate this day of galactic harmony, let's go back 10 years to look at some questionable poops from 2003. Merry Kedsmas!

UPDATE: 9/8/12
You internets thought you could kill the site didn't you? NO. WRONG. And you're not gonna kill our glorious fixedsys font either!

Remember the address is www.bogozone.net now. Uh, hmmm, I s'pose I'll have to find a way to let people know that in the first place somehow...

Anywahs, might as well have some old timey 2004 craps and this latest comic I didn't bother to ink.

Also there's a new interview-type mabob on this place somewhere.