UPDATE: 5/18/24
The proof is here that I didn't just do nothing for 17 years: Final Freekend the 2011 prototype of corn kidz from the days before the corning. Inbetween which I only did nothing for a mere 10 years haha

also buy Corn Kidz 64 on Steam and Nintendo Switch

UPDATE: 9/9/23
I did escape from that time warp long enough to make another game.
wishlist on Steam do it

UPDATE: 10/28/19
Did this site be erased for over a year, or only a week? Who can say. Hows about we try and keep it unerased this time shall we. Hmm?

UPDATE: 6/25/18
THeyre at it again. They killed poor Old Lycos exactly like they killed Old Yeller, except in this case they gave him the rabies on purpose.

Now the new email will be BOGO47000@YAHOO.COM because this time it will be 1000 times more powerful and IMMUNE TO RABIES FOR GOOD!